Dialogue Trees Part 2

A little bit ago I talked about the issues inherent in designing the dialogue trees for all of Vidar’s citizens. Implementing them is an entirely different matter!

First, it’s finally at that point where RPG Maker isn’t the answer to literally all of my problems. Instead, I’m using a new program called Chat Mapper. Chat Mapper allows you to dynamically build non-linear dialogue trees. It’s perfect for things like looping, or having multiple branches which have the possibility of converging. It has multiple fields for things like pictures, moods, audio and video files, etc. And it exports to XML or, perfect for me, JSON.

Robert's dialogue tree, in Chat Mapper.

Robert’s dialogue tree, in Chat Mapper.

With a full file of every dialogue option, it’s just a single script call in each NPC – rather than dozens of pages, dozens of conditional branches, variables, switches to keep track of. Each NPC now has 2 pages instead of 20; one for when they’re alive, and one for when they’re dead.

This still doesn’t place them in different locations. Although Chat Mapper can track “location,” I haven’t implemented that functionality yet.


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