New Content!

Time for another round of Vidar iteration, Ice Cave style!

Since the build submitted to Boston FIG, I’ve been making some fun changes:

  • The window graphic has changed, courtesy of Becca Bair.
  • Three new quests have been added to the Ice Cave. Two of them can only be triggered if a specific person dies. I’m trying to beef up the number of these types of quests because otherwise, the longer the game goes, the fewer quests become available. This is a counterbalance to that. It’s not perfect, you could of course end up with NPCs dying in the statistically worst possible order, but that’s the fun of randomness, right?
  • The third puzzle is another take on random exploration. Through the Ice Cave, you can find cracks in the snow. Lilja gives you a shovel so you can dig. Only one of them has some buried treasure – up to you how many you explore!

Dig sites represented by cracks right now. 


Window graphics for a more nostalgic feel.

  • What’s nice about this is that the location of the dig locations is random (and not even necessarily 1 per map, like the graves), and which one has the treasure is also random. So you can luck out on your first go, and never have to dig in any of the others, to complete the quest. Or you can be chasing down the last of 10 sites.
  • Dialogue trees for about 10 NPCs are in! It contributes so much to making Vidar a living, breathing world. With only 10 in, already every day someone has something different to say.
  • Little touches, like music equalization and of course a ton of bug-fixes, have been cleaned up

But iteration can’t just be about new content and bug fixes. It’s really a process of going back and killing your darlings. Without the willingness to do that, I’ll never have the game I really want. So on tap for after the FantasticFest submission:

  • Cutting 1/3 of the Ice Puzzles – I’ve a clever idea on how to do this, but I need to make sure it works first!
  • More cutscenes, would love to get to one a night
  • Notes to find in the cave that change nightly

Finally, there’s a concern about the time spent in the cave as you go forward. No matter how many attempts I make at giving you teleportation mechanics, these don’t seem to activate in time for it to be meaningful. So, a test change:

  • Increase the day’s length by 1 minute every day

Always be willing to make the change!


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