Wrapping up from NYC Games Forum Night

I posted pictures of last week’s event, but never talked about it. It was such a blast! About 20 people played the demo of Vidar (which you can still download and try out!) and the feedback was exactly what I was hoping for. The general attitude about the game was extremely positive, which players all ranking the game a 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-5 for enjoyment. That, and I got some excellent constructive criticism on improving the game. I have an action plan, so here’ s the new goal for the demo, based on player feedback:

  • Improve tutorials on controls and puzzle mechanics
  • Improve art.
  • Include player feedback for interacting with the environment – things like checking out a bookshelf, a clock, whatever should give the player a response.
  • Faster transition between the Stranger and Erik
  • Make Erik’s puzzle substantially¬†less difficult
  • Bug fixes (always bug fixes!)
  • Change spawn locations for Erik and Stranger in Erik’s puzzle

A lot of this work is already in progress. Can’t wait to show off the new and improved demo at the next event!


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