Boston FIG

Super excited to announce that Vidar was accepted to Boston FIG! You can buy tickets here:

Here are the goals for the demo build:

  • Using all Becca’s art, with the possible exceptions of some NPCs?
  • Access to Dani, Lilja, Bernadett, Borbalo, Szabina; spawn all of their quests in Ice Cave 2 appropriately.
  • When you enter the cave, if you got Bernadett’s quest, add Ice Cave Room 2 to the options of rooms you can be sent to.
  • More options for all puzzles
  • Reward players for interacting with the environment in town

The purpose is manifold: (1) incorporate a lot of feedback from NYC Games Forum; (2) show off more of the random nature of the game; (3) use the chance of different puzzles to explain different story-telling paths.

Time to get to work!



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