Elemental Shifter Revisited – Hime’s Feature Manager

Last week I showed you how to make an element-shifting boss using only the database. There are some improvements I identified at the end; today we’ll tackle them with scripts. Specifically, let’s have the enemy absorb elemental damage rather than negating it; and let’s have the graphic of the enemy change to represent the current elemental affinity.

Elemental Absorbtion

This is almost a waste of Hime’s Feature Manager, which has powers far beyond elemental absorption, but nevertheless it’s the best tool for what we’re going to do today. The nice thing is, once it’s installed in your game, you’ll have a million other options for how to use it, and it might inspire you. So go copy and paste it into your game, and let’s pick up where we left off.

As it turns out, it’s extremely easy to make anything absorb elements using Hime’s Feature Manager. An actor or enemy can just, by default, heal from ice damage. But we want to make our boss absorb fire only when he is attuned to that element. So we put it in – you guessed it – the state we created. The code you need is:

<ft: element_rate x -1>

Replace “x” with the ID of the element you want to absorb. And we put this in the “Notes” section of our state:

Thanks Hime for the incredibly useful script!

Thanks Hime for the incredibly useful script!

What this little note call does is apply a new “Element Rate” to anything with this state. It applies it to Element X (which you’ve set), and the rate is set to -1. This last number is a percentage, and we use a negative to indicate healing. So, “-1” means that the enemy will heal for 100% of fire damage dealt to it. If we want to make it heal, but for less than the full amount of damage, we might set it to something like -0.5. Anytime we’re at 0 (no damage, no healing) or some positive number (damage), we can use RPG Maker’s built-in editor instead.

Set this up for both of your states, and remove the damage immunity we had built in before. That’s all there is to it!

Elemental Coloring

You might’ve noticed that RPG Maker VX Ace has an extremely handy tool when it comes to designing enemies – the hue tool. When choosing the graphic for your battler, you can easily recolor an enemy just by sliding a bar. It’s perfect for reskins, which is how pretty much every RPG ever has saved on graphics.

The God of Fuchsia and Fabulous

The God of Fuchsia and Fabulous

We’re going to use this feature to change our enemy’s hue depending on what state he adopts. That’s right, we can change the hue mid-battle. And it’s actually pretty easy. First, we need to do a teeny bit of tinkering with the RPG Maker Code. “Battler Hue” is something that the engine expects is set once and then forgotten. As such, it calls it a “reader” attribute – something that can be read, but not modified. We want to change this to an “accessor” attribute. Open up your script window, go to Game_Battler and find around line 33 where it says “attr_reader :battler_hue.” Change it to “attr_accessor :battle_hue.” It should look something like this:


Now that we can tinker with the hue, let’s. Set up two common events – one for each “shift.” The code to change an enemy’s hue is:

$game_troop.members[x].battler_hue = y

Where x is the ID of the enemy in battle (0 for the first, 1 for the second, and so on),and y is the hue you want to set. You’re going to have to tinker with your hue value to get what you want. In my case, for lightning, I’m aiming for a yellow. 45 looks just about right. Since my boss is the only enemy in the troop, I replace x with 0 (he’s the first and only battler).


Do the same for shifting to your other color. Again, you’ll come back to change those hue numbers as you test it out. Use the hue slider in the database to help guide your adjustments as you go.

Now all we need to do is to call the correct common events when your boss changes his elemental state. Go back to the skills which allow him to change states, and add one more line in “Effects.” The line is “Call Common Event,” and you’ll want to call the correct one of the color shifting events we just created. So, if the skill is “apply fire,” then we want to call the common event “set fire color.”


The only other modification you’ll want to make is this: make sure your battler’s starting hue (as set in the database with the hue slider, like normal) is the same as the first state you gave him when we set him up last week.

Happy shifting!



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