Build Up To Boston: Bright Lights Big City

Vidar already has a prime seat at Boston FIG, being one of the handful chosen for the Digital Indie Showcase. But if we’re gonna get noticed in a crowd of 7,000, we need to go bigger. Way bigger. So I got a ton of marketing materials for the event!

  • 2 huge banners, legit taller than me!
  • Business cards!
  • Signs!
  • Stickers!
  • Beanies!
  • Table runners!

Additionally, Boston FIG is only providing a table and “some chairs.” But I want more than 2 people playing the game at any time, we gotta move people through this booth. So we got another table and some more chairs! Plus we have:

We’ll be giving away some of the beanies at Boston FIG, but if you don’t live in the Northeast US, don’t sweat it! Drop off your email at before Saturday and you’ll be entered to win a free beanie shipped directly to you! No lines, no crowds!


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