Build Up To Boston: It Takes A Village

Until recently, Vidar has been a personal, solo project of mine. Save the incredible help and advice of my husband, I’ve been responsible for everything from puzzle design to coding to music. But no longer! I’m thrilled to announce some recent additions to the project:

  • You’ve seen me post some new art work over the few months from Becca Bair. She’ll be continuing to do all of the pixelated assets for Vidar, from light-reflecting mirrors to burning buildings and everything in between. Take a look at the website and scan through this blog for some of her amazing work.
  • Also lending a helping voice is Tess J. Baines, voice actress extraordinaire. Not only will she be featured on Vidar‘s trailer video (coming in the next month or so!) but you’ll also hear her in-game as the merchant’s daughter and occasionally careless teenage lover, Cecilia!

I’m thrilled that Vidar is attracting such amazing talent, and can’t wait to share the work of these brilliant creative minds with you.

Boston FIG is in two days – see you then!


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