Boston FIG – Vidar By Numbers

On Friday I’ll post the full summary of the event, but here’s a preview:

  • 115 people played the demo
  • 201 quests were received
  • 342 business cards were handed out
  • Erik died 54 times
  • 26 ghosts were returned their graves; the quest was accepted 49 times, and available 82 times
  • 4 interviews were given
  • Of the four options for Puzzle 4, option A was played 9 times, option B was played 5 times,  option C was played 6 times, and option D only once
  • One of the people who got option option A didn’t finish it – the other 8 completed it in anywhere between 37 seconds and 102
  • Dani’s quest for the player to find her some alcohol was only available in 27 plays; it was completed only once
  • Only one person received Szabina’s quest to get the amulet; they didn’t find it.

But all of this data doesn’t reflect the qualitative feedback we got at Boston FIG, which was resoundingly positive and intrigued by the chance to see some random story telling with depth. It was such a wonderful experience, and I was thrilled to share it with some of the coolest developers in the Northeast!


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