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Hey! Read the books!

Hey! Read the books!

As part of my Boston FIG post-mortems, one of the problems I noted about the demo was that players spent a ton of time walking up to the wall and pressing ENTER. Square just did a remarkable job of conditioning an entire generation to check everything. I had put about 5 interaction points in the demo to appease these people, but this only fueled the fire. Now that checking the wall worked once, players were going to check every single space.

Hopefully, this game design decision fixes the problem. Using [modern algebra’s hover indicator script](http://t.co/6KPTRtw2wk), I’ve added a very small indicator arrow to everything that’s interactable. Once conditioned, I’m hoping that players will only interact with these spaces, and not waste their time checking every table, every bed, every cabinet, every crack.

I’ve quietly updated the demo on [Vidar’s website](http://www.vidarthegame.com) with a new build that includes these arrows (+ about a dozen more interaction points), a new title screen, and some adjustments to the message system. If you’re so inclined to check it out. A bigger update will be published at the end of October.


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