Musings on Vidar

Before I pick back up with tutorials, I wanted to do a strictly dev blog post today. A forecast of where Vidar is headed over the next few weeks and months.

The goals is, and always has been, a Kickstarter. While I initially thought I’d need to put that out until mid-April or May, I don’t want to lose the momentum Vidar has. The current goal, then, is to launch the Kickstarter on Monday, January 26. But that’s always up for change.

What’s going on in the meantime? Well, I’ve never run any kind of marketing campaign before, and a Kickstarter one seems to be a big’un to start with. Plus, let’s face it, Vidar doesn’t have enough eyeballs right now to support a big crowdfunding. So in a few weeks – November 18 is the current target – I’m launching an Epocu campaign.

A what? An Epocu campaign. It’s like a social media kickstarter, where instead of pledging money, contributors pledge their twitter or facebook accounts. Assuming enough pledges are met, then on the specified date I get to send a single message through those accounts to all of their followers. The hope is that with, say, 100 contributors, you can reach upwards of 500,000 people (as some followers of those 100 share the message, etc.). It’s an attempt to crowdfund virality.

What better date to set than the launch of the Kickstarter? Ideally, these two campaigns will dovetail nicely, reaching the most people possible on the day the Kickstarter (kick)starts.

So the current date to watch out for is November 18. To celebrate the launch of the Epocu campaign, a lot of other big things will happen.

Now, back to writing hundreds of emails to press…


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