You Cannot Win (With Events)

Reddit user You_Ravel has an idea for a boss fight. It’s a fight against an impossible – indeed immortal – enemy, and the player can’t beat it. Instead, once the boss is weakened, the player learns the skill “Flee” which would allow them to escape battle, 100% guaranteed. That would end the boss fight.

Reddit user blackhat91 came up with a creative solution, it’s worth diagramming and explaining in detail! Friday I’ll talk about how we might do a more polished version using scripts.

Immortal State

Our boss is going to an immortal state. I’ve talked about immortal states before, in the context of allowing you to do battle-end event processing. But there’s nothing that says it has to be used exclusively for that. To do this, make a state that has as a feature “State Resist: Death.”


Escape Skill

Next you’ll need to make an Flee Skill. Presumably, we want one different than our party’s normal “escape” function, for a few reasons. One, we’re going to disable escape at the beginning. Two, that function has a chance to fail, and we want 100% guaranteed escape!

Make a Flee skill, but don’t do anything with it yet.

The meat of our skill is a common event. Rather than calling “escape”, we’re going to just flat out abort the battle. That way, we know it’s going to end, the player doesn’t have a chance of failing. We’re also going to then have everyone in our party *forget* flee after the battle is ended, so that the skill is gone once we run away from the boss.


Go back to the Flee skill, and under Effects, call the Common Event you just created. Also add any descriptions, texts, icons etc. that you want the user to see.


Troop Set-up

Everything comes together at the troop page. We need to do a few things: make our boss immortal, and teach our party “Escape” when the boss’s health reaches 0%. The first part is easy. On your first “Battle Event” page in the troop window, on Turn 0 with Span: Battle, add “Immortal” to your boss.


The second part is equally easy! On the next event page, with a condition that the enemy’s hp is “0% or below,” and Span: Battle, teach everyone in the party “Flee.”



What’s nice about using a common event like we have instead of just the “Escape” function is that it allows us to easily build in boss wrap up stuff. You could add an after-battle dialogue, reward some items, or do a whole cut scene!


Now get the hell out of there, that guy is impossible to beat!


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