Epocu Stretch Goal

Hey y’all! I’m thrilled to report that our Epocu campaign for Vidar has already reached its target of 50 supporters!

dark_support@x2Epocu Stretch GoalsBut it’s not over yet. The campaign doesn’t end until mid-January so I decided to take advantage of the time by adding a stretch goal. If you haven’t supported Vidar on Epocu yet, now’s the time to do it. Before, the only reward was my undying gratitude (and why isn’t that enough?!) but now, there’s something for everyone.

Stretch Goal

What does all that mean? In January, we’re launching the Kickstarter for Vidar. If, before we launch, you go to Epocu and pledge your support, you’ll automatically get the reward. That reward is more loot when you back us on Kickstarter. Specifically, if you back us at $20, you’ll get rewards as though you backed us at $30. If you back us at $30, you’ll get rewards that people who pay $50 get. In short, you get more for less.

If you’re even thinking about backing Vidar on Kickstarter, come check out the Epocu campaign. Pledging support is completely free, and if we hit our stretch goal, you’ll be in prime position.




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