To The Limit – Learning Random Skills as a Limit Break

Reddit user Xynth22 has an idea for a limit break to, well, begin all limit breaks. When a character casts Limit Break, it actually chooses a random skill off a list of skills and forces the character to do that. Once complete, the character learns the new skill, and can cast it in battle forever. We can do this completely without scripts, so let’s get started!

Pro Tip: Make a Dummy State

We’re going to need a “dummy state” for this exercise, and they’re generally good to have in any game. A dummy state is just a completely blank state. No text to display, no effects, no nothing. So make one, and we’ll talk about why we need it here in a little bit.

Dummy States have a lot of uses - here, we're going to use it to get rid of some default RPG Maker text.

Dummy States have a lot of uses – here, we’re going to use it to get rid of some default RPG Maker text.

Make Your Skills

The first step is to make all of the possible skills that can trigger when Limit Break is cast. Go hog wild with it, do as many as you want. Make some that are big AOEs, some that are burst damage to a single target, some that heal, or revive, some that cast doom, some that are elemental damage – really whatever you want. There’s no right or wrong way to do this, so I don’t have much to tutor you on here. Just make your skills!

In addition, we need one final skill. Our actual “Limit Break” skill. We’ll come back to this skill when we’re ready, but for now just make a placeholder. Don’t forget to make sure the correct Player Character knows Limit Break – while all of the other skills will be learned through gameplay, our character has to be able to cast the initial Limit Break.

The Common Event

You’ll need a single common event for the Limit Break, that we’ll call every time the player uses the skill. The first thing we need to do is choose a random number. We do that by setting the value of a variable.

Your random number range should be 1 to however many skills your limit break can trigger.

Your random number range should be 1 to however many skills your limit break can trigger.

Now that we’ve done this, we want to figure out what skill the character should cast/learn based on that number. Set up a conditional branch for every possible skill (we don’t need the “else” part of the conditional branch). For each one, add two commands – first, learn the skill; second, “force action” the skill with a random target.


The more skills you have, the more tedious this might become, but don’t worry – you’ll get through it! The way this works is, a random number is chosen, we go to the correct branch, teach Eric that skill (if he already knows it, don’t worry, he won’t learn it twice) and then force him to use it.

The next thing we want to do is tell the player what’s happened. Specifically, we want to say that Eric has either “used” or “learned” the skill. To do this, add a conditional branch (this time with else) based on whether Eric already knows the skill. In each branch, add a lil’ text.


Back to the Limit

Head back to the Skills tab and find your Limit Break skill. Make sure it’s set up the way you like (with animations, resource costs, etc.). Make the scope The User – this doesn’t mean that if Eric’s randomly selected skill is Triple Attack he’ll attack himself twice. We selected those targets in the common event (we chose random). Instead, this is the scope for this very limited skill that will trigger our common event.

Under “Effects” in the right side of the skill, add “Common Event” and choose the one you just created. Now, every time you use the skill, it will trigger the common event and everything will work awesomely. However, you’ll notice when you use it, you get this weird thing that says “it had no effect on Eric” before calling our common event and doing everything right. To eliminate that text, well, we need our skill to have an effect on Eric.

So we apply our Dummy State. Do that in the Effects section before the CE, and everything will be awesome.



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