T’was The Week Before Kickstarter I – Reward Tiers

The Vidar Kickstarter launches in one week – and I might pee myself. But until then, I wanted to share some neat things you can find in the reward tiers next week.

  • Early Bird Special. Twenty four people can get Vidar for only $10. It’s dirt cheap, but there are barely any spots, so it’s important to show up early.
  • Tombstones and Epitaphs. The player arrives to Vidar mid-killing spree, not at the start of it. Some people, like Sandor’s youngest son, Cecilia’s parents, and Arpad’s mentor have already died. Their graves can be found throughout town, and so can yours. You’ll get to add a name and epitaph (subject to approval, of course) which has a random chance of appearing on a grave at the start of each game.


  • Boxed Set. Vidar is all about nostalgia in so many ways. A town which is longing for the past. An art style reminiscent of the SNES golden era of video games. I wanted to give players a physical copy, the sensation of “unboxing” the game, and an instruction manual – all to further that theme. These will be collectors items; no more boxed sets will be printed than what’s necessary to fulfill the Kickstarter orders.
  • Puzzle Design. I’ll send you a grid and some sticker symbols to use. You’ll get to choose what kind of puzzle you want to make, where it will fit in in the cave, and where all of the puzzle elements go. We might work on it back and forth (just in case the difficulty is way off the mark) but ultimately, your puzzle will be one of the possible options every Vidar player can encounter.

There are a lot more too, including the soundtrack, the opportunity to design quests and events, and more. In the meantime, don’t forget that if you back us on Epocu, you’ll get a free reward tier upgrade (assuming we reach the stretch goal of 75 people):



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