T’Was The Week Before Kickstarter II – New Game Plus

The Kickstarter launches next week, and what’s a Kickstarter without some stretch goals? While I’ve got some in mind, I’m also extremely superstitious and reluctant to announce most of them until it looks like we might reach our target. Instead, the possible goals have some pretty vague descriptions:

Stretch Goals

All except one, the first one. But what would New Game Plus look like in Vidar? One of the game’s big draws is replayability – I want people to come back and see new content, new stories, new puzzles. I don’t want you to feel like “well I beat it once, and while some small things might change, it’s not worth my time to do this again.” No doubt you’ll always miss some content in every game – someone has to die the first night, and you’ll never get to see their story unless you start a new game. And if you do, chances are that NPC will last much longer the second time around.

But what if they don’t?

Random is random, which means that there’s a chance you see the same or similar story on your second playthrough just by sheer luck. That sucks. New Game Plus would allow you to control that a little bit so that you really could experience a new story.

In New Game Plus, you’ll have the chance to reroll every death. Someone’s gotta die – it’s too core to the game. But at the end of the day, when you’re teleported back to town, you can elect to re-choose an NPC to die. That way, you can save people who died early in your previous game, or even keep someone alive just long enough to turn in a particular quest. Beat that and still want to see more? New Game Master will allow you to choose who dies every night. Build your own story! You’ll unlock New Game Master after beating the game on New Game Plus, and don’t worry – it’s all part of the same stretch goal.

One more post, then it’s off to the Kickstarter!


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