Development Blog – On the other side of the Kickstarter

Hi friends!

It’s been one week since you looked at me the Kickstarter, but it’s felt like the weight of the world has been lifted. Although Kickstarter locks down the funds for 14 days, and so we haven’t yet been able to access the money, we’re definitely working hard. After a short bit of celebrating, of course. Here’s the scoop:

1) Vidar was Greenlit! On Wednesday, around noon, I got an email that Vidar was officially Greenlit on Steam. This is amazing! We’re going to be able to offer all of Kickstarter backers the opportunity to take a DRM-free version or a Steam version. I’m personally a Steam fan – I like having everything in one place easy to access. Plus, integrating with Steam will allow us to do Steam achievements. And man, is Vidar well suited to achievements, right? Lots of branches and potentials, so many opportunities!

2) Syncing to the Demo. So here’s the thing, since September I’ve been demoing Vidar a lot. We did Boston FIG, a few Playcrafting NYC events, The Sheep’s Meow (twice), a TEDx event, and of course MAGFest. After every demo (and in fact sometimes during), I made changes to the build to make it better. Big things like increasing the resolution, medium things like hover notifications, small things like changing the Imp Cave mechanics. There were hundreds of changes big and small to the demo that made it a really excellent slice of the game. But those never got into the main build of the game, and some of them were systemic changes.

The past week has been focused on really getting all of those changes into the main build of the game. And they’re all in now. Yay!!

3) The Streamer Demo. The next big thing I’m working on is getting what I’m calling “The Streamer Demo” – although it can (and hopefully will) be used for Lets Plays on Youtube as well. This demo will cover the Ice Cave, which is roughly the first quarter of the game. And it will use 12 of the 24 NPCs (the ones available in the demo plus + the twins, their design was voted on during the Kickstarter). So some of the quests will still be out, since those NPCs aren’t in yet. Maps for the Ice Cave were finished this week, and the random spawning of all relevant quest items is now in the game.

4) Save Screen. We updated the save screen! It looks like this:


Right now the demo is set up so that it only kills NPCs currently in the game (e.g. Arpad can’t die, because he’s not in the demo). When an NPC dies, they gray out on the save screen. Still want to play around with the left side file system, but this works for now!

5) Scrolling Text. A number of people during demos made the comment that they couldn’t keep up with scrolling text speed in the game. So, we added a setting to allow you to control the speed.


The setting goes from 1 – 5, with 3 being the speed currently in the game. If we see nobody really wanting to go to 5 (omg it’s so fast), we might make the current speed 5 and make all other settings slower.

And that’s where we stand for the week. This coming week we’ll be adjusting all of the dialogue for NPCs and making the intro experience awesome – the part of the game before you enter the cave for the first time.

❤ Dean


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