Dev Blog: Steamy

Here’s what we took care of this week in Vidar!

  • Steam Integration. This was the biggy for the week. We got the current developer’s build loaded onto Steam, figured out how to load new builds, and added some snappy graphics. Some of our Kickstarter backers pledged at a level which rewarded them with access to the dev build going forward. We generated Steam Keys for those backers, and now can easily update the build for them on the reg. Moreover, we’ll be in an easy place to distribute keys to the rest of y’all!
  • Becca Bair finished up a few new puzzle pieces, including one of the core features of the water cave – a floating crate! This thing will be pushed and pulled all over and, if the water level is high enough, will float and allow the player to jump on it! Here’s a little shot of us testing out the graphic:


  • Added about 12 new puzzle options in the Ice Cave
  • Implemented the new “Family Time” quest
  • Built an automated system to handle quest failure when an NPC dies. Previously, it was all done by hand (!) for each quest and each NPC. The system is now sufficiently robust to handle all of Vidar’s currently planned quests.
  • Bug fixin’ in the Ice Cave
  • Added Cecilia’s location tree

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