Dev Blog – Chatter

This week in Vidar, it was all about the back up dialogue. Every NPC now has a series of backup dialogue options that change every 2-3 in-game days. In case you’ve somehow managed to avoid everything about a particular NPC’s storyline, you haven’t talked to them, and suddenly on day 8 said “hey, what about the blacksmith?,” her dialogue will now still make sense.

Other changes:

  • Added the “quest complete” system to handle all of the things that a quest needs to do to be finished. This is a companion to the “quest failed” system from last week.
  • Added a “One then Other Forever” dialogue system so that the NPC can say one thing the first time you reach that dialogue node, then a summary version of that thing for every subsequent time you should reach that node.
  • Replaced graphics for various puzzle components using Becca Bair’s art!

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