Dev Blog – Patch Notes for April 13, 2015

Since this week was mostly bug fixing, I thought it would be fun to do this post “patch notes” styles. Kickstarter backers who currently have access to Vidar on Steam received an update yesterday which contains all of the following changes:

Prealpha 0.2.0

General Changes

  • Players now have the option to choose between Male and Female Stranger. There are still dialogue options where people will refer to the player as “he” and occasional graphic issues related to this choice; anticipating a fix by next week.
  • Player can’t walk off of bridges now
  • Edited the descriptions of some items
  • Sandor and Cecilia’s graves correctly prohibit the player from walking over them now
  • Deleted unused default RPG graphics and audio to make the file size a little smaller
  • Save Screen auto-opens at the start of a new day
  • Adjusted data structure for  NPCs keeping track of which quests to fail and how to fix a bug related to saving and loading
  • Fixed a bug where NPCs were not appropriately keeping track of their death date

Map Changes

  • A new area has been added to the south of Ice Cave Room 2. This area acts as a shortcut between room 2 and room 4, and is available after completing Puzzle 12 in room 4.
  • Ice Cave Room 4: Fixed the switches so that they have the new graphic; won’t create invisible barricades for player
  • Ice Cave Waypoint: map is now wider to fill the screen
  • Ice Cave Room 5b: Fixed bridge so it doesn’t auto-reset the player.
  • Ice Cave 1a and b: Fixed shadows and edges
  • Tutorial: various text boxes show up above the player
  • Vidar: Fixed graphic glitch on the second floor of the inn
  • Imp Cave: doesn’t prevent exiting again, and now has a cobweb blocking the path to prevent entry without first getting the lantern
  • Ice Cave 3b: Added sound effect to shortcut door
  • Ice Cave Room 6: Changed the ground so that the cobweb appears better against it

Puzzle Changes

  • Ice Cave Room 5b: Puzzle 17 has been adjusted so that it spawns one tile lower to fit in the camera view better. Also, fixed a bug where all options for this puzzle were missing an arrow tile.
  • Ice Cave Room 5b: Puzzle 29 fixed a bug where it was possible to get on the roof tiles while completing the puzzle
  • Ice Cave Room 4: Puzzle 14 is now accessible; camera sets one row higher so that the puzzle fits better in the view
  • Add puzzle options to puzzles 20, 22, 23, 28 and 29; all puzzles in the Ice Cave now have at least 2 options
  • Breaking tiles in later puzzles should have the same animation as in Erik’s cave
Women can be Strangers too, ya know.

Women can be Strangers too, ya know.

Quest Changes

  • With the bug fix concerning NPC’s death date, “Family Time” is now available
  • The amulet for “Artifacts in Ice” now has a chance to spawn in the new area in room 2.
  • “Spirit Walk” will now no longer prematurely direct you back to Bernadett
  • “Not a Thief” should now complete correctly and not crash the game
  • “Faith in the Dead” should now complete correctly and not crash the game (as a result, the waypoint is now available)
  • Ghosts should no longer follow the player home, and instead will return to where you found them at the end of the day
  • Journal animation correctly displays on failing “The Second Son”
  • “Dark Digging” is disabled since it’s not doable in the Ice Cave

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Fixed typos in the ghost gab; increased time between gabs
  • Text now correctly spawns above Erik’s grave site and corpse; above the amulet for “Artifacts in Ice”
  • Dialogue when first approaching ghosts now appears in the correct place
  • Borbalo now faces the player when giving you Sandor’s pocketwatch at the end of “The Second Son”
  • Fixed pathing weirdness related to the cutscene to receive “The Second Son”
  • Added dialogue for Borbalo
  • Fixed typo in dialogue for Dani
  • Can now talk to Lilja after the cutscene receiving “The Second Son”
  • Lilja’s dialogue when giving the player “Not a Thief” now correctly appears above her
  • Corrected description of the quest “Hair of the Dog”

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