Dev Blog – Patch Notes for April 16, 2015

Patch notes seemed to work last time, let’s do it again! As much as possible, I’m going to be patching every Monday and Thursday. We’ll see how that goes!

Prealpha 0.2.1

General Changes

  • Added a version number on the title screen. If you have problems with something, you can refer to the version! This is version Prealpha 0.2.1. In the future, the idea is to automatically ID if your save file is incompatible with the current version.
  • As a general rule, an increase in the last number does not require creating a new save file. Here, save files created on Monday (on v. 0.2.0) will still work with this build (v 0.2.1). If the 2 goes up to 3, you’ll need to start a new game. However, puzzles are spawned on creating a new game; if there are new puzzle options added in a patch, you won’t be able to take advantage of them until you start a new game.
  • Campfires work now – both the ones which randomly spawn on maps (usable after completing “Hair of the Dog”) and the consumable ones (reward for “Not a Thief”)

Map Changes

  • Ice Cave Room 4: Height adjusted to avoid weird graphic glitches at the bottom of the map
  • Ice Cave Waypoint: The timer now freezes if you come to this room from the cave
  • Female Stranger correctly shows up in bed in intro cutscene
  • Fixed graphics for entering side areas from the Ice Cave (*This fix requires a new game file before it will be operative)

Puzzle Changes

  • Breaking tiles works now. This has created an unintended consequence of a very slight delay in triggering breaking tiles in Erik’s puzzle, which hopefully will be fixed by Monday’s patch.
  • Ice Cave Room A: Color coded buttons in Erik’s puzzle
  • Ice Cave Room A: Compass arrows have been disabled until you get the compass
  • Ice Cave Room A: Placeholder dummy for Stranger is now appropriately gendered.
  • Ice Cave Room 2: Compass arrows have been disabled until you get the compass
  • Ice Cave Room 3: Lever in puzzle 11 is now green
  • Ice Cave Room 4: Lever in puzzle 12 is now green

Quest Changes

  • Talking to Cecilia for “Artifacts in Ice” doesn’t crash the game anymore (relatedly, the quest can now be completed)
  • The client for “Artifacts in Ice” should change from ??? to Szabina on talking to her

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Conversations correctly reference the Stranger’s gender (voice overs still don’t, they’re coming!)
  • Added dialogue branch for Borbalo on day 1
  • Added dialogue branch for Borbalo related to “Faith in the Dead”
  • Added dialogue for Cecilia related to “Family Time”
  • Added dialogue branch for Dorottya related to “The Second Son”

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