Dev Blog – Patch Notes for April 20, 2015

Prealpha 0.3.0

General Changes

  • Old save files will not reflect many of the changes made in this patch; a new save file is recommended.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would occasionally crash at the end of the day with a message related to “objective_revealed?”.

Map Changes

  • Various: All non-randomly-generated wall switches (i.e. consistent switches) now correctly will only activate when the player faces them.
  • Ice Cave Room 2: Leaving Puzzle 7 will now not occasionally crash the game.
  • Ice Cave Room 2: Fixed the transition to return to room 1.
  • Ice Cave Room 3b: yellow button and door in southwest of room now both allow passage appropriately.
  • Ice Cave Room 5b: fixed shortcut switch graphics and positioning glitch.
  • Ice Lagoon: Added footprints graphic for all jump points.

Puzzle Changes

  • The “reset” function is now available from the menu once the player reaches room 4 of the ice cave.
  • Puzzle 12 no longer has a full-reset when the player falls, and keeps arrows and buttons pressed appropriately. However, it is possible to get stuck in the puzzle, and the player must use reset from the menu to fix that (which will cause a full reset).
  • Fixed a bug in puzzle 20, option 0 so it’s completable now.
  • Both doors in puzzle 20, option 0 are now correctly color-coded.
  • Lowered the return switch for puzzle 18.
  • Fixed the reset location for puzzle 14.

Quest Changes

  • Ghosts now really do not follow the player home. Apparently the last patch notes were full of lies.
  • The blessing for “Spirit Walk” now properly ends at the end of the day (except when a campfire is used; this is intentional).
  • Finding Erik’s corpse now correctly completes the objective in the journal.
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible for a ghost to briefly reappear in the original spawn spot while you were returning them to their grave.
  • Corrected text issues when ghosts in the party did not want to enter side areas in the Ice Cave.
  • Ghosts will no longer follow the player into the Ice Lagoon.
  • When controlling Erik, the graphic for the Stranger shows the correct gender.

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Rebeka and Janika’s dialogue re: Cecilia’s death has been modified.
  • Elek now has a new dialogue branch to comment on Cecilia’s death.
  • The Stranger now nods in response to Sandor when receiving “The Second Son”.
  • Disabled movement during cutscene when receiving “The Second Son”.
  • Sandor now correctly faces the player after throwing down the initial rope.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash on talking to Sandor after finding Erik’s body, if Borbalo was alive.
  • Added a dialogue branch re: “The Second Son” to Sandor’s dialogue tree.
  • Added line breaks to various ghost gabs which ran off the screen.

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