Dev Blog – Patch Notes for April 23, 2015

Prealpha 0.4.0

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the game would occasionally crash on Cecilia’s death
  • At the end of the day, the person who died is correctly displayed
  • Can no longer use the “reset” function in town
  • Fixed a bug where the day would occasionally not restart after using a campfire

Map Changes

  • Ice Cave 1/6: Added a shortcut from room 6 to immediately return to room 1
  • Ice Cave 2a: Fixed shadow and edging issues
  • Ice Cave 2b: Fixed shadow and edging issues
  • Ice Cave 2b: Ending the day here will no longer trigger the demo text and day to start when returning to town
  • Ice Cave 5b: The shortcut gate now correctly lets the player through when it’s lowered
  • Ice Lagoon: Lighting all the torches will no longer stop the time
  • Ice Lagoon: Returning to the Ice Lagoon after completing it will no longer reset it to dark

Puzzle Changes

  • “Option 1” for every puzzle has been enabled. This means that every puzzle in the Ice Cave now has two possible variations currently active (more have been made, just holding back flipping the switch on them right now)

Quest Changes

  • Fixed line issues in “Artifacts in Ice” journal entry
  • Speaking to all relevant people in “Artifacts in Ice” will now show an objective in the journal to speak with Szabina again
  • Fixed journal updates for “Scared of Shadows”
  • Fixed journal updates for “Impish Behavior”
  • Made the vessel for “Impish Behavior” and “Residue” consistently a bucket (instead of occasionally a vial); changed dialogue accordingly
  • “Permanent Extra Minute” and “Loaf of Bread” quest rewards function appropriately now
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with Erik’s corpse would rarely crash the game
  • Vid’s dialogue now displays correctly for “Words of Wisdom”
  • Finding the water bowl before speaking to Vid in “Words of Wisdom” will no longer prevent progress in that quest
  • All graves’ dialogue now displays correctly after completing “Spirit Walk”
  • Moved one possible spawn point for the Water Bowl so that it does not spawn in the middle of a column
  • The quest “Impish Behavior” has been renamed to “Residue”
  • The quest “A Brighter Path” has been renamed to “A Brighter Tomorrow”
  • The bucket of refined imp oil is removed on completing “A Brighter Tomorrow”
  • The quest “Dark Digging” will no longer automatically trigger in the middle of “A Brighter Tomorrow”
  • Journal entries for “A Brighter Tomorrow” correctly update
  • If Sandor dies while “Artifacts in Ice” is active, “Family Time” dialogue will take priority over “Artifacts in Ice” for Cecilia; the player will be able to complete the objective for “Artifacts in Ice” after Cecilia returns to her house
  • Cecilia will no longer repeat her dialogue concerning “Artifacts in Ice” after the quest is completed or Szabina dies
  • The entrance to the cave for “The Second Son” will disappear if Sandor dies before the player has entered it

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Sandor now moves correctly in the “The Second Son” cutscene where the player finds Erik’s corpse, and Borbalo is alive.
  • Sandor properly retains his faith in the above described scenario
  • Journal animation properly displays after that cutscene as well.
  • Adjusted Etel’s dialogue for completing “Scared of Shadows”
  • Talking to Etel after completing “Scared of Shadows” will no longer crash the game
  • Adjusted Rebeka and Janika’s intro dialogue if the Stranger is a woman
  • Edited Sandor’s response in “Artifacts in Ice” if “The Second Son” is failed
  • Lilja will properly place her treasure in “Not a Thief” after completing it; journal animation will also play at the end of this cutscene
  • Elek will automatically refill the fuel in the player’s lantern after any conversation with him


  • Various typos

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