Patches comin’ fast and furious now, and the issues in the ice cave are becoming harder to find! So that’s good!

Prealpha 0.4.2

General Changes

  • The footprint graphic has been scaled down to fit inside a single square. It’s most notable in the Ice Lagoon.
  • Reset now really disables when you’re in town.

Map Changes

  • Fixed a graphics glitch in the entry to the Ice Cave
  • Music now correctly plays in the Ice Lagoon

Quest Changes

  • Sandor will not continue to repeat his dialogue for “Artifacts in Ice” if “The Second Son” is incomplete (this is a corner case; in almost all instances “The Second Son” will be completed before the player finds the amulet, but it’s fixed nevertheless)

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Lilja correctly completes her cutscene at the end of “Not a Thief”
  • The teddy bear at the inn can no longer change into a flower
  • Corrected gender issues in a cutscene in “The Second Son”
  • Fixed a bug in Sandor’s dialogue which could crash the game
  • Vid’s dialogue concerning “Words of Wisdom” has been fixed; completing the quest-related dialogue escapes her default dialogue, and she is aware of when the quest has been completed


  • Occasional shadow and edge fixes throughout the Ice Cave

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