Dev Blog – Patch Notes for May 1, 2015

There are still a handful of bugs left in the Pre-alpha build that I’m aware of, and I’m hesitant to call this Prealpha 1.0.0 until those are off my list. Expect that patch to come Monday, and then things will slow down once the deadlines are past so that I can focus on broader rather than deeper development!

Prealpha 0.4.3

Map Changes

  • Reset is disabled in Erik’s Cave.

Quest Changes

  • Fixed several issues related to Borbalo’s inheritance of “Spirit Walk” – (1) Borbalo will not repeatedly give you the blessing, but correctly only once / day; (2) the objective to return after returning ghosts correctly references Borbalo instead of Bernadett if he’s inherited the quest; (3) Borbalo correctly completes the quest and gives the player the permanent blessing reward.
  • Fixed several issues related to “Family Time” – (1) entering the room in the cave once the watched has spawned will no longer automatically teleport you out of the cave; (2) fixed various dialogue branches related to the quest; (3) Dani is no longer lost in time and space as a result of this quest; (4) Cecilia will properly direct the player to Dani if Dorottya is dead; (5) Cecilia won’t constantly talk about the watch when you return it to her; (6) Cecilia’s event is reset so she won’t be static after receiving the quest.
  • Blessing received after the first for “Spirit Walk” will now correctly center on the player
  • Returning “The Second Son” to Sandor on Day 3 will not cause Erik’s corpse to spawn

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Dorottya’s comments on Dani’s death take priority over other NPCs
  • The voice work of the wonderful Tess Baines has been re-added, and now recognizes gender choice! This should complete the items re: implementing gender choice.
  • Player can no longer move in cutscenes when returning “The Second Son.”


  • “Cecilia’s House Event” has been removed from the title screen options menu

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