Dev Blog – Prealpha 1.0.0

Pre-alpha 1.0.0 is go today! What does that mean? This version includes 12 npcs, 12 quests, and all of the rooms of the Ice Cave. Each puzzle in the Ice Cave has two possible options. We’re releasing this version to select Twitch streamers and Youtube lets-players (in addition to Kickstarter backers at high tiers which got insta-access to the game) so that they can stream something longer than the previous Kickstarter demo. It also gives you more of a sense of the flow of the game, back and forth between town and the dungeon. I’ll make sure to post here any videos of people playing!

This also marks a split in the Pre-Alpha Build and the Developer’s Build. We’ll be keeping the Pre-Alpha build live, patching only to address bug issues and not adding new features or content. Development is going to merge off from here to start on the other areas of the cave. Only high tier Kickstarter Backers will have access to the Developer’s Build (and in fact they’ll have access to both). To see which one you’re using, just check the title screen. It’ll tell you the version you’re using.

Also, some bug fixes:

General Changes

  • Versioning: If you load a save file from a version where either the first or second digit is not the same as the current build, a warning text will pop up telling you that your version is out of date, and you should start a new game. You can continue to play that save file, but you should expect plenty of bugs if you do. Honestly,  you should expect plenty of bugs regardless. Shit’s in development, yo.

Puzzle Changes

  • Reset correctly resets switches when used in puzzles

Quest Changes

  • Text when picking up the watch in “Family Time” is correctly placed

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Fixed a map transition glitch after receiving “Family Time”
  • Cecilia will no longer be stationary in her house after receiving “Family Time”
  • Cut out a little bit of the lead time in one of the voice overs for the intro. Voice overs still have a lot of background noise, but it’s not a priority right now – will be working on it later this year!
  • Dani now comments on Cecilia and Dorottya’s deaths; Dani is at the inn only if both Cecilia and Dorottya are dead AND the quest “Family Time” is neither active nor was completed with Dani repairing the watch.


  • Typos
  • Disabled “Always Kill Dorottya” which was on in the last build for testing reasons

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