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Hi friends!

This past week, I made a few fun things. First, I made the beginnings of what I hope will be a puzzle builder I can release in the Steam Workshop. It has made making puzzles in the Dark Cave so much faster. Rather than having to handwrite a ton of coordinates, my little script reads the map and figures out all the coordinates automagically. Wanna see?

class Game_Interpreter
   def export_holes
      holes = [] #REGION 1 & 2
      lightbridges = [] #REGION 2 ONLY
      lanterns = [] #REGION 3
      barrels = [] #REGION 4
      torches = [] #REGION 5
      lightpillars = [] #REGION 6
      wolves = [] #REGION 7

      width = $game_map.width
      height = $game_map.height"holes.txt","w")
      for x in 0..width
        for y in 0..height
          holes.push([x,y]) if $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 1 || $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 2
          lightbridges.push([x,y]) if $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 2
          lanterns.push([x,y]) if $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 3
          barrels.push([x,y]) if $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 4
          torches.push([x,y]) if $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 5
          lightpillars.push([x,y]) if $game_map.region_id(x,y) == 6
      end"holes.txt", 'w') do |file|
     puts "Finshed writing; you may exit safely now."

So I code the spaces with various regions, call “export_holes” in RPG Maker, and voila, the puzzle is 2/3 written for me! I’m planning to augment this even further in two directions – to first bring that number up to 100% of the puzzle automatically generated, and to second make it abstract enough for other people to use to mod the game.

Second, I’ve added the final Dark Cave puzzle element – Moveable Mirrors! Mirrors with a red base can be pushed and pulled just like pillars, and finding the right place for them can be pretty tricky.

For the pre-alpha, in addition to some small bug fixes, an additional puzzle option was enabled for about 80% of the puzzles.

 Pre-Alpha 1.0.3

Map Changes

  • Fixed a tile passage issue in Ice Cave 1

Puzzle Changes

  • Activated additional puzzle options for puzzles 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 14, 18, 19, 21 and 57

Quest Changes

  • Fixed a bug where a ghost would occasionally spawn in the middle of a puzzle in Ice Cave 5
  • Because it is possible to reach a point where the bottom of Puzzle 4 is inaccessible, quest spawns (water bowl, ghost, and dig locations) have been removed from that section

Misc. Changes

  • Various map graphics and shadow tweaks
  • Typo fixes
  • Edited one of the voice overs for FemStranger in the intro

Developer’s Build 0.2.0

General Changes

  • Changed how Dark Cave puzzles are spawned to remove the cap on possible options per slot
  • Fixed a bug where Dark Cave puzzles were not playable after saving and loading – this change requires creating a new game, and is the reason for the middle number increase in the version

Map Changes

  • Changed the graphic for the pillars found throughout the Dark Cave

Puzzle Changes

  • Changed the graphic for the lightbridge spawned in various Dark Cave puzzles – it still isn’t perfect, but it’s starting to head in the right direction
  • Implemented Moveable Mirrors
  • Depowered lightbridges now show a nearly transparent graphic to indicate where they are
  • Player’s who are on a lightbridge when it expires will automatically restart the puzzle
  • Fixed a bug which was causing holes in Puzzle 48 to spawn wrong
  • Activated a new option for Puzzle 54

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