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Hi friends!

This week, the wonderful Anna Cail streamed almost the ENTIRE Pre-Alpha. It was…surprisingly stable. We had a few hiccups, particularly towards the end, but all in all I’m really happy with how far it’s come!


Major thanks again to Anna for getting her G33k Fl33t involved and showing off the game!

A good chunk of these patches go into fixing the bugs found during that stream. A new feature has been added as well, one that we found was critical during the stream. It’s autosave! This has been added to both builds; autosave will occur every time you change maps. After some bug testing to make sure it’s stable, we can add it to occur after the first time you complete a puzzle for added utility. I may also add a little menu option to turn autosave on/off – right now, it’s perma-on.

I’m headed on vacation this week, so there likely won’t be another patch for a few weeks!

Pre-Alpha 1.1.0 – The “Anna Cail” Patch

This build requires a new game to take effect.

General Changes

  • Imported the resdesigned puzzle spawning system which fixed the saving/loading bug from the Developer’s Build last week. I foolishly believed it wasn’t necessary for this build. Turns out, it solves a bug where puzzles that get a “full reset” (ie. puzzles with broken tiles that need to be replaced) were not resetting switches, and instead were leaving them active. Because this is tied to puzzle spawning, it requires a new game.
  • Implemented an Autosave Feature – autosave triggers every time you transfer maps

Puzzle Changes

  • Fixed a bug where breaking tiles would occasionally make the space around them change in unpleasant ways
  • Fixed a bug where breaking tiles would occasionally not respawn on reset
Yaaaass! Autosave, COME THROUGH!

Yaaaass! Autosave, COME THROUGH!

Quest Changes

  • The entrance to the imp cave can no longer spawn in the middle of Puzzle 17; this fixes a bug that put the player in a hole on their return

Dialogue/Cutscene Changes

  • Fixed a bug where Borbalo would spawn twice when chasing you down after completing “The Second Son” on the 3rd day.


  • Added a Sir/Madam vocab macro
  • Forever typos

Developer’s Build 0.2.1

General Changes

  • Implemented an Autosave Feature – autosave triggers every time you transfer maps
  • Puzzle Debug Mode was disabled for this build; for this build only, you’ll be able to explore all of the Ice Cave and Dark Cave, just because I’m on vacation and wanted to do something fun!

Map Changes

  • Edited Dark Cave 5 to fit the puzzle options around Puzzles 51 and 52
  • Fixed position of Dark Cave tutorial text
  • Fixed position of Pillar tutorial text
  • All variants of Dark Cave 3 can be spawned
  • Added two barrels to the Dark Cave Library entrance
  • Added some shadows
  • Fixed the return from Dark Cave 4 to Dark Cave 3
  • Fixed some wall tiles throughout


New Pillar of Light graphic.

New Pillar of Light graphic.

Puzzle Changes

  • Freezing lights after completing a dark cave puzzle now also kills all wolves in the puzzle
  • Added new puzzle option for Puzzle 32, 33, 34, 35, 37, 39, 47, 48, 51, 52, and 54
  • Added hover indicators to torches, lanterns, lightpillars, pushable mirrors, wall pull switches, levers, static fuel barrels in the Dark Cave Intro Room and Dark Cave Music Room
  • Added tutorial for moving mirrors
  • Fixed some bugs related to Dark Cave 3b’s puzzles
  • Added new graphic for lightpillar

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