I Took A Nap in Napa

Hi friends!

Had a short hiatus for a summer vacation, but we’re back and moving forward. This patch contains the first batch of puzzle options that are incoming for the Dark Cave. There are a total of 126 possible puzzles in the Dark Cave currently designed. In any given playthrough, right now I’m targeting for you to see 15. That number might change once we balance things. As the designed puzzles are implemented and tested, I’ll push them to the developer’s branch!

This week, I’ll be at the NYC Arcade in Brooklyn, hosted by the Sheep’s Meow. There will be 85 games showcased, and the event is entirely free and put on by volunteers. It’s an amazingly awesome evening to just come and play some games. You have to book tickets though, last time the event “sold” out, in that all of the free tickets were claimed.


After that, I’m off to Philly for Too Many Games!, a 3 day celebration of all things gaming. Card games, tabletop, and of course video games. Concerts, cosplay wrestling, panel talks, the whole shebang. We’ll be giving out a few copies of Vidar to a lucky handful from a raffle, so make sure to swing by the booth.

Developer’s Build 0.2.2

Puzzle Changes

  • Fixed various bugs related to the light pillar
  • Implemented art for the counterdoor; this allows you to determine how many torches need to be lit in order to open the door
  • Puzzles 32, 33, 34 each now have 4 possible options

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