Dancing With Wolves – The Puzzle Machine III

Hi friends!

I wanted to take this week to talk about weird crossroads. Last weekend I was in Philly for Too Many Games, and there were a surprising number of people (ok like half a dozen, but still) that were like “omg I saw you at MAGFest! How exciting!! What are you demoing today?” and my response was basically like “…..same thing as in January.” Don’t get me wrong, a TON of progress has been made. But not in the demo.

Why? Well, if you’ve played the publicly available demo (if you haven’t, you should right now) you know the set-up is very different from the full game. Tutorial etc. is skipped. Three people are killed off the top. Dialogue options are stripped down. Entering the cave skips to places depending on which quests you got. There is a lot of programming that has gone into demo-only mechanics such that the demo exists separate and apart from the main build of the game.

But at the end of the month, I’m planning to show the demo at another Playcrafting NYC event. These things have been getting bigger and bigger and are quickfire ways to get a ton of community interest. But after Philly, I’m all nervous that people who have seen me at a dozen other Playcrafting events are going to be like “…but what have you done lately?”

So here’s the plan. I’ll be integrating two puzzles from the main branch into the demo. They are 1) the Wolf Cave and 2) the Music Room. Neither is fully developed, so first I’m polishing them off in the main branch, and then will move them into the demo build.

I’ll talk about what each one is later. For now, though, it’s worth noting the following:

  • The Wolf Cave will replace those instances where Etel gives the player the Imp Cave (ie. Dorottya is alive, Dani is alive, and either (Cecilia is dead or Cecilia is alive and Elek is alive). The Imp Cave will still be in the demo, you’ll just only be able to get it from Elek.
  • The Music Room will be available from Bernadett, but only if Cecilia is alive. If Cecilia is dead, Bernadett will give the player the ghost quest instead.

This puts the thumb on the scale in favor of the Music Room, while both the Imp Cave and Wolf Cave will be comfortably rare (but not Town Event rare). Players at Playcrafting at the end of July will get a chance to experience these two new options first, with a later availability to Kickstarter backers. It’s unlikely the updated demo will be publicly available.

With that said, patch notes!

Developer’s Build 0.2.5

Puzzle Changes

  • Puzzle 46, the Wolf Cave, has been added to the game; it is accessible from Dark Cave 1, although it doesn’t really do much even if you kill all the wolves 😦
  • Puzzles 47, 48, and 51 now have 10 possible options
  • Fixed a bug where a lightbridge depowering while the player is on it would crash the game; the puzzle now resets appropriately
  • Music now fades out in the Music Room so that you can better hear the puzzle
  • Bells and Music Box in the Music Room are now louder



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