The Puzzle Machine IV

Hi friends!

Last week I mentioned that two new rooms will be added to the Kickstarter Demo for showing at various events. Well, the music room was added in its entirety this week, along with a little cutscene to send you on your way. I’ve also made a few little fun changes since the Kickstarter. Most importantly this week, I put our FemStranger into the demo – it’s an easy import from the main branch, and in my opinion a pretty important one. A few other tweaks, like pausing the countdown timer during dialogue boxes, a few new graphics, etc. have been added. Can’t wait to see public reaction to it in a few weeks!

Updating the Kickstarter Demo hasn’t stopped development of the main game. The big news this week? The Dark Cave Puzzles are fully in the game, every option for every possible slot.

Developer’s Build 0.2.6

Map Changes

  • Added a background and shadows to the Wolf Cave map.
  • Added new soundtrack to the Wolf Cave.
  • A tunnel has been added to take the player straight from town to the entrance to the Dark Cave. The entrance is currently down a rope ladder, right in front of the cave.

Puzzle Changes

  • Puzzles 52, 54 and 55 now have 10 possible options. This completes the implementation of core Dark Cave Puzzles. 

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