Drip Dry

Hi friends!

This week, we’ve finally broken ground on the Water Cave. Unlike the other biomes, the Water Cave has a central hub with several spokes; completing each spoke will unlock additional spokes from the main room, and is necessary to advance to the cave’s final area. Because there is a theme of coming back to the same point over and over again, this will cut down on re-travel time the next day significantly.

While the hub remains incomplete, work has begun on the spokes! These are pairs of rooms, each of which contain a single, randomized puzzle. We’ll be introducing the mechanics of these puzzles over the coming weeks, but it’s safe to assume you’ll be adjusting water levels a lot:

Water Cave Levels

This coming Wednesday we’re heading back to Playcrafting NYC to demo Vidar, with the two new puzzles added: the Wolf Cave and the Music Room. Anxious to see how players do with them!

And as always, this past week’s developments:

Developer’s Build 0.3.0

General Changes

  • Controller support has been overhauled to be more compatible with XBox controllers and recent Windows updates; this also paves the way for key bindings coming Soon(tm)
  • Added support to spawn Water Cave puzzles
  • Added elevation support; the hookshot now is not blocked by blocking events on low ground when shot from high ground

Map Changes

  • Added Water Cave 2
  • Adjusted water cave tileset with correct passibility settings

Puzzle Changes

  • Added Puzzle 59 with three puzzle options
  • New Mechanic: Elevation. High ground and low ground take on a more important role in the Water Cave. Previously the difference was merely aesthetic; now tiles are set up to allow elevation to play an important puzzle mechanic role. Elevation is now dynamically spawned, rather than fixed on a map.

WaterStatueAni (1)

  • New Mechanic: Statues. These very large statues celebrating the Water Goddess’s beauty have switches in their bases. When activated, statues pour water from jugs they are holding. When two or more statues are active, water levels will be impassible. When only one is active, water levels will be shallow enough to walk through, but some functions will be limited. When no statue is active, there will be no water in the room, and it will be freely passable.
  • Lever switches in deep or shallow water cannot be used.

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