Ain’t Much of a Difference Between a Bridge and a Wall

Hi friends!

This week work went back and forth between the Water Cave and the Dark Cave. On reflection (pun intended), the architecture of the pillar/mirror combo in the Dark Cave wasn’t perfect. Every time a mirror was rotated or moved, the powered-on pillars in a puzzle would “blink” – that is, they’d turn off and turn back on again. The pillar would turn everything that it was powering off, and rerun its calculations to find what was newly in its reach, and then power those things. This was the function used to make sure now-depowered things were correctly off, and now-powered things were correctly on.

This generally worked fine; the blink was not noticeable by the player. However, suppose the pillar was powering a lightbridge, and you were standing on that bridge. And suppose you hit a switch that rotated a mirror on the other side of the pillar, in such a way that your bridge was not going to be impacted. Well, you’d still fall right through that bridge, because that bridge – like everything else – was going to “blink.” There are a few other corner cases where this bug became a problem.

To that end, this week I re-architected how this system works. Instead of blinking, the pillar gets a list of all powered items, a list of all items that should be powered, and says “Are you in 1 but not 2? Turn off. Are you in 2 but not 1? Turn on.” And so if you’re on a bridge that is lit and should remain lit, nothing happens. No blink, no falling. No problem!

More functionality’s been added to the Water Cave. A few new toys for the Puzzle Machine to play with are now in the game. These include spawning tall walls, bridges, bullseye switches (that are hit with a hookshot), and vine ladders (that grow so long as there is water). Puzzles using these mechanics have been added to a second floor in the Water Cave. This area is really taking shape quickly!

This week was also marked by looking back on items already in the game and doing a little refinement. Updates have been made to how the hookshot operates, along with fixing some wolf-related issues.

Pre-Alpha Build 1.1.1

  • Redid controller support for XBox controllers to fix a bug where “The Second Son” was impossible to complete
  • Fixed the Imp Cave respawn point to avoid breaking the game

Developer’s Build 0.3.1

General Changes

  • Hookshotting over water will now no longer make the player look like they’re briefly standing in water
  • Adjusted priorities in the hookshot so that hitting walls looks a little better

Map Changes

  • Added room Water Cave 3
  • Ceiling/roof tiles in the Water Cave now correctly block the hookshot
  • The Dark Cave introductory map has been changed, and an entrance to the Water Cave from there has been added
  • A shortcut has been added connecting Dark Cave 5 with the Dark Cave intro map, accessible with hookshot only
  • Water Cave 1 has been changed to a tileset which mix and matches the Water Cave and Dark Cave

Water Cave 8

Puzzle Changes

  • New Mechanic: Small Wall Section. The water cave can now spawn small areas of wall in addition to water and stairs. This creates a new blockade for mazing/pathing purposes, and creates a place for pull switches and bullseye switches.
  • New Mechanic: Bridges. Sometimes islands need to be further apart than the hookshot’s range. Bridges can be crossed over from high ground, and walked under from low ground.
  • New Mechanic: Bullseye Switches. Switches which activate when hit by the hookshot.
  • New Mechanic: Vine Ladders. Similar to stairs in that they allow access between the two elevations, except they only operate at shallow water. In no water, they are merely sprouts.
  • Added Puzzle 8 (I know, my numbering is all wonky =P) with two new options that takes advantage of Bullseye Switches and Vine Bridges
  • Added a new option to Puzzle 59 which takes advantage of the Small Wall Section and Bridges (option 4)
Ain't much of a difference between a bridge and a wall.

Ain’t much of a difference between a bridge and a wall.

  • Statues correctly block the hookshot
  • Added animation to wolf kills
  • Fixed a bug related to multiple counterdoors in the same puzzle
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 52, Option 6 where the colors of switches were flipped
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 52, Option 8 which would crash the game
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 54, Option 7 which made it impossible to complete
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 54, Option 8 which would crash the game
  • Fixed the height of, and color-coded, a switch in Puzzle 54 option 9
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 55, Option 1 which made it impossible to complete
  • Fixed a bug which would crash Puzzle 55, Option 3
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 55, Option 5 which made it impossible to complete
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 55, Option 7 where the pull switch that rotated a mirror did not reset correctly
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 55, Option 9 which made it impossible to complete


  • Added tapering on the ends of lightbeams to avoid such a harsh cut-off
  • Silhouette for Tamas, Katarina, and Mihaly have been added to the save screen



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