Crate Expectations

Hi friends!

Is there anything more ubiquitous in video games than a box? It’s where Mario stores his stash, it’s where Snake hides, it can be pushed, pulled, opened, closed, broken, thrown, used as a weapon, used as a shield…what can’t a box do?

Well for right now a lot. The good news is, boxes have officially come to Vidar!

Water Cave 9

The bad news is, a lot of functionality still needs to be built out. There are a ton of known bugs related to the box. Here’s roughly what you can do right now:

  • Pick up the box
  • Push and pull the box
  • Throw the box
  • Not throw the box on spaces you shouldn’t be able to throw it on
  • If the box lands in some water tiles, jump on the box

This week also saw the modularization of the Dark Cave. Before, the pattern went as follows:

  1. Dark Cave 1
  2. Dark Cave 2
  3. Music Room
  4. Dark Cave 3
  5. Dark Cave 4
  6. Library
  7. Dark Cave 5

Which is…well, a lot. We saw with the Ice Cave that there’s just way too much game there, and my goal – particularly before the Alpha Month – is to reduce the amount of puzzles you see in any given playthrough. Fortunately for us, they’re already designed, and Vidar thrives on randomization. So the pattern now is:

1.  Dark Cave 1
2. Dog puzzle (which was previously at the top of Dark Cave 2)
      3. Dark Cave 2
4. Music Room
3. Music Room
4. Dark Cave 3
And then either:
5. Dark Cave 4
6. Library
5. Library
6. Dark Cave 5

This looks like it’s reducing the number of maps by 1, but it’s better to say it’s 1 and a half, since the dog puzzle has been taken out of Dark Cave 2 and made its own stand alone thing. This change means a few things. For one, you’ll be doing somewhere between 3 and 7 puzzles fewer in any particular playthrough. For another, it’s very possible to play the Dark Cave without seeing the mirror puzzles at all; or seeing puzzles involving pushing and pulling pillars at all. Which is actually kind of cool, and gives you something to look forward to in your next playthrough.

In order to effectuate this, a final room has also been created which has the hookshot in it (it’s been moved out of Dark Cave 5). And, the shortcut between the intro room and the end has been connected to this hookshot room, rather than Dark Cave 5.

Developer’s Build 0.3.2

General Changes

  • Recreating Lights: backtracking in the Dark Cave no longer crashes the game. Lights for puzzles you’ve completed are now still there when you return. If you light a torch or lantern in a puzzle and then leave the map without completing it, those lights will be reset along with any related counterdoors and lightbridges. If you light or move a pillar in a puzzle and then leave the map without completing it, the pillar will turn off and be moved to its starting location.
  • Added Adrian’s soundtrack to the Water Cave!

Map Changes

  • Removed the skull markers in Dark Cave 2
  • Fixed the entry from the Dark Cave to the Water Cave
  • Added the Water Cave Hub; added a path from Water Cave 1 to the hub, to Water Cave 2, to Water Cave 3, and back to the hub
  • Moved Puzzle 36 (the dog puzzle in the Dark Cave) into its own map.
  • Players will either see Dark Cave 2 or 3, but not both; players will either see Dark Cave 4 or 5, but not both
  • Moved the crate with the hookshot into its own map

Water Cave 14

Puzzle Changes

  • New Mechanic: Boxes. Boxes can be picked up and thrown. If thrown into deep water, they will float and act as a platform for the player.
  • Added Puzzle 13 to the Water Cave Hub. This is a meta-puzzle and, as such, there are no plans for multiple options.
  • Fixed a bug where, when resetting a Dark Cave puzzle, a previously-on lantern would not be interactable until the full time ran
  • Fixed a bug where, when resetting a Dark Cave puzzle, pillars would disappear sometimes
  • Fixed a bug where, when resetting a Dark Cave puzzle, the light-bouncing pathing would not recalculate the reset position of a moveable mirror
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 48, Option 6 which made it impossible to complete
  • Added a switch to Puzzle 52, Option 6 which will kill the wolves on completion of the puzzle
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 54, Option 8 which made it impossible to complete
  • Vine ladders correctly act as ladders
  • Fixed a bug in Puzzle 58 where holes were not blocking passage




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