A Slow Week / Kraken Skulls

Hi friends!

Sometimes, life gets in the way. This week was one of those weeks. I’ve been sick with a gross cold, my day job kicked into overdrive, and it was Ludum Dare weekend! All of these combined into one clusterfuck where not a ton of meaningful game progress was made. Knowing this, I turned my attention to a few nagging issues rather than trying to press on in the Water Cave.

First, to get ready for the upcoming Alpha Month in October, I added a Feedback Form and Bug Report Form to the menu. Both of these will minimize the game and open the appropriate google form in your browser. Second, because I want to give all Kickstarter backers a chance to play the alpha, we needed to go back to the Mac and Linux ports which had been languishing without love. A ton of updates were made to those.

And third, I had promised those backers access to the updated convention demo once I got it ready for Mac and Linux. In doing so, I needed to fix a few bugs and make a few changes based on feedback received at Playcrafting’s Summer Expo night. So some edits were made to the showcase demo.

It’s a wild mix of things, but – DayQuil willing – we’ll be back on track next week in the Water Cave.

Developer’s Build 0.3.4

  • Added a Feedback Form and Bug Report Form accessible from the menu
  • You can no longer carry boxes up and down ladders – including vine and rope ladders
  • Fixed a bug where you could throw crates on, and hookshot past, levers once you had activated them

Kickstarter Demo 2.0.1

  • Deleted a lot of bloat; vestiges of Vidar development were hanging around in this build unnecessarily, so we cut the size of the demo down from ~330MB to ~195MB!
  • Fixed all gender related issues in “Cecilia’s House Is Burning Down,” including graphics and text displays
  • Removed 3 wolves from the wolf cave
  • Added a torch in the wolf cave to prevent the player from getting stuck in a particular area
  • Beating the wolf cave quest no longer crashes the game
  • MAC/LINUX: Corrected issues related to drawing fonts, including spacing, size, borders, colors, and impermanence
  • MAC/LINUX: Fixed random places where the game would occasionally crash

Kraken Skulls

Oh hey, instead of Vidar we made an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT GAME THIS WEEKEND. The theme for Ludum Dare was “You Are The Monster.” So I present our entry, Kraken Skulls:

In Kraken Skulls, you control two tentacles, one with each joystick of your controller. Your friends do too – it’s 4 player couch co-op! The goal is to smash the boats before the reach the head. It’s not as easy as it looks, as soon as you’re trying to control two tentacles the entire thing becomes incredibly confusing in a really wonderful way.

The brainstorming session for this game was one of those moments where you understand why group brainstorming is an amazing thing. When we started, we were really crossing our fingers for “Can’t Stop Moving” because (we thought) we had an amazing concept for it. When the theme was announced, we tried to shoehorn our idea into “You Are The Monster” but it wasn’t really fitting. Matt in particular was angling for a local co-op game (I was too, I wanted us all to be able to play together at the end of the Dare), and Zack had the idea of “each person is a tentacle on a big Kraken.”

We were off to the races. That suddenly became two tentacles, one on each joystick (inspired by games like “Brothers” and Trollcore’s “The Splits”). We went from side-view, which was quickly becoming a complicated lane mess to show everyone’s tentacles, to top down, with ships coming from all sides. And it’s really just nice when you break from the concept stage to go program, and what you had at that moment ends up actually being really fun.

Is there a ton of stuff we’d do differently if we had to do it over again? Of course. But I’m damn proud of what we did in 48 hours. Also, Unity UI is such a challenge 😦


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