Water Cave Redux

Hi friends!

This week was a good development week, although the line items below seem skimpy. First, although not all the mechanics are perfected in the Water Cave, I can start to generate the random puzzle content. And I’m doing just that – the first of the Water Cave puzzles now has all of its options in place.

Second, the way in which the water puzzles were being drawn has been dramatically refactored. The amount of code was cut in about half, while the functionality was doubled. You’ll notice far fewer graphic glitches on cliffsides throughout all of the puzzles here, including most notably in the hub map.

Also, we did a redesign of the splash page for Razbury Games. And I think it looks pretty dang cool. Make sure to go over and play Kraken Skulls, which is totes free right now.

Developer’s Build 0.3.5

General Changes

  • Added gender support for throwing crates, jumping on crates, carrying crates, all manner of interacting with crates
  • Graphic for carrying crates no longer just wearing a crate on your head (it actually looks like you’re carrying it)

Map Changes

  • Fixed issues where puzzles drawn in Water Cave 4 would have weirdness on the edges of the map
  • Fixed a bunch of tile drawing issues in the Water Cave Hub
Rozsa's shadow has been added; we're down to just 7 of the 24 left to design.

Rozsa’s shadow has been added. We’re down to just 7 of the 24 left to design: Arpad, Csaba, Tomi, Gusztav, Robert, Piri, and Barnabas.

Puzzle Changes

  • Edited Puzzle 59, Option 1 so the cliff edges blend better with the walls
  • Refactored Water Cave tile drawing, fixing several graphics glitches
  • Added options 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 to Puzzle 59. Puzzle 59 now has 10 options.


  • Added a prompt at the beginning of the game for your email; this will be used for the upcoming Alpha Month
  • Added Rozsa’s shadow to the save screen
  • Now using a black background for the save screen and pausing



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