Alpha Month – Patch I

Hi friends!

This patch fixes some long standing bugs in the Dark Cave, and is officially the first Alpha Month build. I anticipating updating pretty frequently over October to fix bugs as they are discovered.

If you’re a Kickstarter backer, head over to the campaign page and download this Alpha build!

Developer’s Build 0.3.7 (Dark Cave Alpha Month)

  • Added options 7, 8, and 9 to Puzzle 8. Puzzle 8 now has 10 options. 
  • Added Katarina and Groa to the continue screen; added Piri’s shadow to the continue screen
  • Fixed various issues related to recording puzzle completion times
  • Fixed camera set issues in the Dog Puzzle
  • Fixed BGM volumes after leaving the Music Room
  • New Sound FX. I want to dedicate a whole post to Adam, but for right now, a handful of his sounds have made it into the game and it sounds AWESOME!
  • Fixed an issue where pillars in Dark Cave 3 would not move
  • Fixed a bug where returning to a completed room would crash the game
  • Fixed an issue where certain tiles in Dark Cave 3 would incorrectly allow passage
  • Fixed placement of lantern refill message when being kicked out to the Dark Cave intro room
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with a torch in Puzzle 38 would crash the game


After releasing the Alpha Month Build, we noticed that the way data was being extracted in the Mac and Linux versions was busted. Oops. So:

Developer’s Build 0.3.8

  • Fixed an error related to extracting encrypted data in the Mac and Linux builds
  • Fixed a passage issues on the base of a pillar in Dark Cave 1
  • Interacting with Counterdoors will no longer make them appear to “blink”
  • The game now defaults to full volume (rather than my weird “I’m testing sound effects” volume settings) but as always can be adjusted in the menu

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