A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Hi friends!

Work this week finally saw ground break on the Boulder Cave! Hot damn! Have some patch notes:

Developer’s Build 0.3.11

  • The Hookshot now destroys cobwebs
  • Cobwebs now have an indicator arrow above them
  • New Mechanic: Bucket. A bucket is so versatile. For starters, the pedestals that give and take buckets act as their own puzzle mechanics and occasionally block passage. Entering water with an empty bucket will fill it with water. More mechanics will be added to bucket use in future patches.
  • New Mechanic: Boulder. Boulders can be pushed, but not pulled.
  • Added an option to puzzle 24 which incorporates the Bucket.
  • Rocks in the water cave now have several graphic variants
The innkeeper, Rozsa

The innkeeper, Rozsa


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