Under Pressure

Hi friends!

Work continued in earnest this week on the Boulder Cave. There is an exciting combination of story and puzzle happening here. Without spoiling anything, the puzzles are a little more idiosyncratic than in previous zones. It takes a little bit longer to make them, but all in all is very worth it. There are also some random block pushing ones as well – you’ll see a sample in the gif below! Since we’re really breaking ground now on the Boulder Cave, I figured a middle-number version increment was appropriate. Enjoy!

Developer’s Build 0.4.0

  • Boulders and Geysers now dynamically spawn in the Boulder Cave
  • Boulders can now be “loaded into” any Geyser
  • New Mechanic: Pressure Plates. Pressure Plates are switches that require either the player to be standing on them, or for a boulder to be placed on them, to work
  • New Mechanic: Ramps. Boulders can be rolled down ramps, but not up them
  • Added Puzzle 25, Option 0
  • Added Puzzle 26, Option 0
  • Added Puzzle 27, Option 0
  • Added support for high ground in the Boulder Cave
  • Added Arpad, Barnabas, and Csaba to the continue screen
  • Redid sprite formatting for Bernadett, Borbalo, Cecilia, and Szabina
  • Reenabled saving; disabled feedback form in menu

Pressure Gif




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