Hi friends!

Still working on new puzzles for the Boulder Cave. A number of sprites have been added. You may have noticed some mysterious “reformatting” spritesheet notes. To avoid spoilers, I’ll simply say that various versions of characters previously in the game are being added. We should have one more week of these and then we’ll be done.

The Boulder Cave will occasionally (not always) involve some item puzzles – something we haven’t really seen yet in the game and something that allows us to bring more plot into the cave itself. Some of the items were added this week! Additionally, the parallax for Boulder Cave 1 was completed, so that map should look less janky.

Happy Thanksgiving! ❤

Barnabas, the Schmuck

Barnabas, the Schmuck

Developer’s Build 0.4.2

  • Boulder Cave 1 Option 2 added
  • Map drawing actually looks pretty decent in Boulder Cave 1
  • Reformatted Janika’s, Katarina’s, and Rebeka’s spritesheet
  • Added Groa’s, Gusztav’s, Mihaly’s, and Piri’s sprites to the game
  • Added the following items to the game:
    • Sweater
    • Axe
    • Painting
    • Candle
    • Ring
    • Article
    • Census
    • Thesis
    • Alchemy 101
    • A Rabbit’s Song
    • History of the Kingdom: Volume I
    • History of the Kingdom: Volume II
    • History of the Kingdom: Volume III
    • War of Words
    • The Battle of Vidar
    • King Brano III: The Last Good King

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