Hi friends!

Some family issues delayed this dev blog a little bit, apologies. I’m excited for the Gargoyle mechanic – still a few graphic niceities to add, but it’s playing really well and adds a fun new “maze” like concept without just having a maze. A few extra maps and a few extra puzzles this week. The Boulder Cave should be wrapped up soon!

This coming week will be a slow week, as LUDUM DARE IS THIS WEEKEND! YAY! I’ll be teaming up with LizardEatsFlies and PeteWhiz this time ’round, and I’m excited to see what we put out. With Liz’s musical force behind us, we’re definitely leaning rhythm game. Stay tuned!

Developer’s Build 0.4.4

  • New Mechanic: Gargoyles. You can attach to a gargoyle via hookshot, then pull them (slowly) across the ground. Gargoyles serve as weight so they can stand on pressure plates.
  • Added Boulder Cave 3 and Boulder Cave 4
  • Added Puzzle 65, which uses a gargoyle!
  • Added Puzzle 66, which also uses a gargoyle!
  • Added dialogue for Gusztav in Boulder Cave 1 Option 5
  • Dialogue boxes are now no longer limited in their size, and can be large when they need to be large

                                    A massive wall of text. Need to break it down some, but good to know the change is working!



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