Into the Breach

Hi friends!

As you know I’ve been very willing to spoil most things about Vidar because they aren’t actually that spoilery. Well, it’s time for the wall of silence to become a little thicker. Work has started on some things that will not be revealed until launch, so apologies for the terse or sparse nature of notes going forward. This will likely be resolved at the end of January.

Developer’s Build 0.4.5

  • Added another map
  • Added additional puzzle element spawning features
  • Fixed various bugs related to reading books in Boulder Cave 1 Option 3
  • Added text for “History of the Kingdom: Volume I”
  • Fixed a bug where Puzzles 64 and 65 would not spawn
  • Fixed a bug where Puzzle 66 would spawn in the wrong place
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with certain switches in Puzzle 66 would crash the game
  • Added Puzzle 67 Option 0 – this option uses geysers!

Geyser Jump

  • Empty geysers will not go up and down while the player is standing on them
  • Boulders can now be “unloaded” from geysers
  • Geysers now display the correct graphic when brown boulders are loaded in
  • The delay between geysers rising is now randomized
  • Geysers with boulders stay “up” for nearly twice as long now; the time empty geysers stay up is unchanged
  • If a geyser has a boulder loaded it, you can use it to jump across gaps
  • Fixed a bug in Boulder Cave 2, 3 and 4 where elevation did not work correctly; you can no longer glitch between high ground and low ground

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