New Year Bug Fixes

Hi friends!

A few bugs were fixed for this patch. Also, ground broke on the New Vidar, but it’s not quite ready for debut yet. So instead, have some tweaks, modifications, etc. Remember how we used to break up the patch notes so you could what was going on in each thing? Let’s do that again. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Developer’s Build 0.5.1

General Changes

  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash on the 13th death

Map Changes

  • Removed the Dark Cave rope from Vidar
  • Fixed the animation of the shortcut switch in Dark Cave 1
  • Fixed the entry point for Water Cave 2 and 4 so it’s no longer on the vine
  • Fixed several bugs related to Dark Cave 2
  • Moved the lantern so it doesn’t occasionally clip with the waypoint entrance
  • Fixed pathing issues in the tutorial map
  • Parallaxed the tutorial map; this helps resolve some of the sprite separating, and also significantly reduces the lag
  • Fixed a bug related to passage through a column in Dark Cave 1
  • Removed the tutorial in Ice Cave 1 concerning shortcuts (as it no longer applies)
A tiny preview of a new house in Vidar.

                               A tiny preview of a new house in Vidar.

Puzzle Changes

  • Deleted a stray crate from Puzzle 8, Option 0 (NO idea how he wiggled his way in!)
  • You can now push and pull gargoyles (in addition to being able to move them via hookshot
  • Fixed bugs related to the gargoyle; it will move correctly, and activate pressure plates correctly now
  • Fixed a bug where all but the red pressure plate would not reset appropriately when they were not active
  • Added puzzles 68 and 69, which are two short little things
  • Added reset support for all Boulder Cave puzzles
  • Added reset support for all Water Cave puzzles
  • Added reset support for all Dark Cave puzzles
Finally, some resetting!

Finally, some resetting!

Quest Changes

  • Changed the graphic for dig sites in the Ice Cave for “Not a Thief”

Dialogue / Cutscene Changes

  • Fixed a bug where Sandor wouldn’t leave the inn after giving the player “The Second Son” quest
  • Fixed a bug where Sandor’s dialogue would run together in the Ice Cave


  • Fixed the graphic for the chest containing the hookshot
  • Autosave is back in albeit it a little different. The game does not autosave at every transfer. It does at the end of each day, instead of bringing up the save screen.
  • Correct ghost sprites now appear in the cave
  • A progress bar has been added to the Dungeon Randomizer, so you have a sense of how much longer before your world is created
  • Fixed a bug where, after saving, it was impossible to enter the water cave
  • Barrels will only fill your oil if you have the lantern
  • When entering the cave from town, “Return to Vidar” is disabled as an option
  • Played a little bit with lighting

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