The Things We Carried

Hi friends!

Have you noticed that additional quests have been slow in coming? Me too! Let’s fix that. This week was all about priming the ground for a number of quests. The target for a friends and family alpha is 40 quests – 10 per biome. So this week, I identified the quests that I want to include. The selection process took into account a lot of factors: 1) what’s already done? 2) which quests wouldn’t involve a significant amount of work to get right? 3) can we tell an entire potential arc of a villager’s story? 4) can we test out a lot of different functions, such as inheritance, tool-based quests, timed quests, timed spawning, etc.? 5) can we get a mix of NPCs involved in the quests? There were a lot of considerations, and ultimately I hope the first 40 quests chosen will help a lot.

With those identified, journal entries were edited and added. Quest items in the Ice Cave needed to have their possible spawn points redone to account for the fact that many of the old maps are no longer accessible, and the order of things is different anyways. Those were adjusted. Then I started on spawning quest items in the remaining biomes. Those are mostly done as well, but we’ve still got some small things to take care of

The process is slowing down slightly because (and this is particularly true in the Water Cave), spawning is becoming more dependent on what puzzle options are chosen. The Ice Cave, by necessity, has sections of puzzle and then landing zones with quest items. You can be sliding on ice while also picking flowers. But the maps, what is accessible, what isn’t accessible, are more modular in the Dark Cave and Water Cave. And what area of the map is taken over by puzzle is more fluid in the Boulder Cave. So making sure the quest items are compatible with the puzzles is important and more detail-oriented.

This next several weeks will be dedicated to implementation of these quests. Some are more complete than others. We’ll see how it goes!

Developer’s Build 0.5.2

Map Changes

  • Edited the map for Ice Cave 2 to allow access to more areas
  • Expanded the map for Ice Cave 4
  • Slight modification to Dark Cave 2, 3 and 4 to allow access to more areas
  • Remade Dark Cave Waypoint in the new tileset (this thing was a holdover from over a year ago!) – the entrance now also spawns
  • Library has been slightly edited so that it is no longer a pass-through map, but instead spawns as a side area like the Wolf Cave etc. – the entrance now also spawns
  • The entrance to the Wolf Cave has been randomized
  • The entrance to the Tide has been randomized

More Vidar

Puzzle Changes

  • Added puzzle 50

Quest Changes

  • Added Journal entries for the following quests:
    • Rewriting History
    • Historic Preservation
    • Further Investigation
    • To House A Village
    • Hunting Party
    • Rozsa’s Past
    • Crumble
    • Bardic Inspiration
    • A Cask of Wine
    • The Only Lovers on Earth
    • The Name Game
    • Giving Back
    • Curse II
  • Edited various other Journal entries
  • Reconfigured the following spawn locations given the new 4-room-per-biome system:
    • Erik’s Cave
    • Ice Cave Waypoint
    • Imp Cave
    • Dog
    • Amulet
    • Bottle of Scotch
    • Ghosts (a maximum of 4 of 5 possible ghosts spawn, which will also change which quests are available)
    • Graves (again, a maximum of 4 spawn, keyed to the chosen ghosts)
  • The following items now spawn in the cave:
    • Bright Flower
    • R&C Heart Drawing
    • Fossils
    • Veins of Ore
    • Injured Groa
    • The brave puppy, Cail – in several places
    • Attendant Relics
    • Barnabas’s Sword
    • Oyster Mushrooms
    • Wood Ear Mushrooms
    • Gypsy Mushrooms
    • Fly Agaric Mushrooms
    • Ivory Funnel Mushrooms
    • Morel Mushrooms
    • Webcap Mushrooms
    • Black Forest Mushrooms
    • Chanterelle Mushrooms
    • Enokie Mushrooms
  • The location of Dig Sites spawning has been moved from the Ice Cave to the Dark Cave, and their number reduced from 16 to 11
  • The “rubbing alcohol” reward from the quest “Hair of the Dog” has been renamed to “Flint and Steel”; it otherwise functions the same
  • Campfires now spawn in the Dark Cave and Water Cave (in addition to their already normal spawn points in the Ice Cave); campfires can be activated with the lantern (in addition to using the Flint and Steel)


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