Hi friends!

In addition to fixing some bugs from the spawning frenzy of last week, this week two big systems were revamped. The teleporting system now institutes a small time penalty for skipping ahead – thirty seconds for every room you skip. What this means is that if you enter the cave on day 14, for example, and skip all the way to the Boulder Cave, you’ll only have 4 minutes to try to complete the room. This counterbalance establishes difficulty as the game goes forward, and requires you to have more ways of extending your time, acting quickly, waypoints, etc. to mitigate the loss of time going forward.

The second new fun thing is the tool system, which allows you to equip a single tool and use it with “A”. It’s likely a few more tools will be added going forward, but the system has been designed in a wonderfully modular way for these additions going forward. Most events etc. that would use the hookshot, shovel, lantern, or pick have been changed to require that the tool be equipped – I’ll leave you to explore what they actually are.

Developer’s Build 0.5.3

General Changes

  • Teleporting to a distant room from the entrance of the cave now reduces the time the player has to complete the day by :30 for every room jumped over.
  • Added support for the Map reward
  • Music has been added to the Water Cave and Boulder Cave
  • Tools: added the tool UI. The player can now have one tool equipped at any time. The currently equipped tool is displayed in the top left of the screen, and activated with “A.” The player can use “L” or “R” to switch between tools in inventory
    • Currently supported tools are the hookshot, lantern, shovel, pick, and hammer.
    • Various things have been updated to require the proper tool be equipped to operate correctly

Map Changes

  • Cleaned up the Dark Cave Tunnel real nice
  • Fixed a bug related to Ice Cave Waypoint Cave Entrance spawning
  • Fixed a bug related to Wolf Cave Entrance spawning
  • Fixed a bug related to Tide Entrance spawning

Puzzle Changes

  • No longer spawning puzzle 31 (it was taking a long time, and the player could never see it anyways)
  • Grabbing pillars now causes the tool UI to show a pillar and disables switching tools until the pillar is released; the button to the pillar’s light on has been changed to “A” to bring it into conformity
  • When hookshotting a gargoyle, changing tools is disabled until the gargoyle is released

Quest Changes

  • Set the charitable value of nearly every item in the game
  • Interacting with fossils now provides the player a sketch if the player has blank parchment and a quill in their inventory
  • Fixed a bug related to mushroom spawning
  • You can now pick up all 10 varieties of mushrooms
  • Fixed text on picking up Bright Flowers
  • Fixed a bug related to relic spawning
  • Relics can now be destroyed or marked
  • Fixed a bug related to Barnabas’ weapon spawning



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