The Speakies

Hi friends!

No new build this week, but it’s ok! Major progress is being made on Vidar. Specifically, we’re tackling dialogue trees in earnest. I’ve talked about how dialogue trees in Vidar are structured at length in the past, and even showed you how to integrate Chat Mapper with your own RPG Maker project. But now it’s time to put pen to paper, and actually write all of the dialogue for Vidar’s villagers.

So this week, I mapped out the first pass of all 24 characters, with all of the dialogue I want to target for the upcoming friends and family alpha. Everyone from Arpad to Tomi; we know all of the subjects of conversation, all of the conditions to reach that particular node of text.

The next step, of course, is to write all the text. This week the focus has been on Arpad. We’ve got about 40 “nodes” of dialogue written for Arpad. Back to back, so far it’s about 7 pages for this one character. Next week, we’ll finish him off and move onto Barnabas.

Small bug fixes and tweaks are being made here and there as well, but they’re light and don’t merit pushing a new build to our few early testers on Steam. So we’ll sit tight with those until a critical mass has been accumulated!

Stay warm out there!


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