Dani and Etel

Sorry I was on vacation last week! Have two characters to make up for it: Dani and Etel.

Dani Screenshot.png

Etel Screenshot.png

Right now, I’ve got 8 characters with dialogue for the alpha written, with another 3 almost there. Once I’m up to 12 (half of Vidar’s townfolk), I’ll be taking a short break from writing (it gets exhausting!) to back into Vidar and get the first dozen really settled into the game. This includes quests, cutscenes, all that good stuff.

The timing nicely coincides with Becca’s work on the interiors in Vidar. It’s tough to really code cutscenes without the map worked out, so once those interiors are in, full steam ahead on conversations between characters, moving about, etc.


Mock-up of igloo interior

That’s all for this week!-


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