Onwards to Indiecade!

Hi friends!

Since Vidar will be at IndieCade East at the end of April, I wanted to take the opportunity to update the demo. For better or worse, until this point the demo build (used for the Kickstarter, used at conventions, etc.) was a completely separate branch from the main developer’s build. It was stable, but there was no easy way to bring code over from the development side and implement it in the demo. At the same time, bug fixes in the demo would have to be re-implemented in the development build.

So that changed this week. Now, the demo is simply a switch thrown in the main game to set it to demo mode. Certain things happen when that switch is thrown, but the game takes place in the same space. Changes to the town apply regardless. Changes to the puzzles, changes to the tools and everything. Today, for example, I updated the weather outside in Vidar. That happened in both the demo and the actual game. Fabulous. Something I should’ve done a long time ago.

This is great, because it means that as new systems are put in place (the tool system, for example), I can show them off at conventions without having to recreate them in the demo.

So what is the demo mode going to look like? Similar to the prior demo, it’s one in-game day. You’ll arrive in Vidar, 4 people will be killed (instead of the previous 3), and you’ll be able to receive some quests, go into the cave, do one room.

The cast of characters has been rotated a bit and moved around, so that our tabled NPCs could stretch their legs a little bit. More importantly, the role of the Ice Cave has been significantly minimized. In the previous demo, nearly every quest took place in the Ice Cave because, way back when, it’s all I had finished / had the art for. Now, we have about 2-3 quests per biome (Ice, Dark, Water, Boulder) available in the demo. AND, since Vidar now allows you to choose what room to go to, when playing the demo you can choose to complete any quest you’ve received. Which ones you receive is still random, based of course on who the 4 people to be killed were.

As part of the process of updating the demo, the following changes have been made globally. Not ready to call it a new version/build quite yet, but here’s a list of what’s been done over the past few weeks:

  • Vidar is now in 6 maps instead of 1
  • Lots of grave spawning
  • Revamped interiors
  • New tool icons
  • New weather
  • New dialogue
  • Tons of new items
  • Tons of new journal entries
  • Tons of bug fixes

Back to work!

– Dean


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