Vidar is Open

Hey friends!

Remember last week when I said that changes to the demo would also change the main build where appropriate? This week, we see the fruits of that labor. It’s a new patch!

Developer’s Build 0.5.4

General Changes

  • Vidar is now open:
    • The town of Vidar is contained in six maps
    • The cave entrance has been moved north of the town square
    • The grave of all 24 NPCs now spawn throughout town after they die
    • Kickstarter graves are in: 13 of the graves written by Kickstarter backers will spawn at the beginning of the game throughout town. Check back each time you play for different graves!
    • Cecilia’s House and the Workshop have been moved
    • Cecilia’s House, the Inn, and the Workshop have been substantially remodeled
    • The Church, Castle Ruins, and Igloo are accessible
    • The weather in Vidar is more blustery and dynamic
    • The lighting indoors is substantially improved
  • New Residents have moved in: Tamas, Mihaly, Rozsa, and Piri are now in the game
  • Fixed bugs related to the map when entering the cave
  • Fixed bugs related to teleporting around the cave
  • Fixed various bugs related to the tool display
  • Tons of dialogue has been added
  • Fixed pathing issues
  • Added various tools


Quest Changes

  • Edited dozens of journal entries
  • Added dozens of items
  • The effects of various mushrooms can now be identified by townsfolk
  • Ghosts won’t wander off into unreachable spaces
  • Fixed a bug where Cail the dog would occasionally crash the game

Puzzle Changes

  • Water Cave spawning looks a lot better

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