PAX East Build

Hi friends!

In the process of cleaning things up for PAX East, I’ve crossed a lot of low-hanging fruit off the list, along with some long standing bugs that I had kept delaying. The town of Vidar, the Dark Cave, and the Boulder Cave are all feeling way more polished. Specifically, the way I’m handling drawing things in the Boulder Cave has eliminated the lag that made the section nearly unplayable.

On the advice of spouse, I have taken the music puzzle out of the demo. Without headphones (and even with), it’s way too noisy at a convention to really play the puzzle effectively.

Onwards to PAX! Come by the Playcrafting Booth on Friday to check out the latest build!

Developer’s Build 0.5.6 (“PAX East 2016”)

  • Fixed passage issues in the Boulder Cave, Dark Cave, and town
  • Fixed tile layer drawing issues in the Boulder Cave
  • Fixed lag in the Boulder Cave
  • Now possible to hammer multiple items!
  • Changed the lighting in the Dark Cave to be a lot better
  • Added new sprites for the Stranger using various tools
  • Added interaction points in the Church
  • Footprints now show up in the tutorial map
  • Save is disabled in the Demo Mode
  • Removed camera weirdness during an Etel cutscene
  • Fixed various animated tiles
  • Redrew the inn map to fix various bugs
  • Corrected various typos in dialogue
  • Fixed various typos and drawing errors with certain Kickstarter Graves
  • Fixed a bug where boulders loaded into geysers would not go back to their original location when a puzzle was reset
  • Journal animation correctly displays on quest updates now
  • Fish are less prone to getting stuck
  • Added a conclusion to the demo
  • A lantern now spawns near every ore node so that, when switching to the pick (so you can mine it) you’re not in the dark
  • Tool use button now used to light torches, lanterns, burn cobwebs; regular interaction will just give a description
  • Made edits to the Wolf Cave puzzle to tone down the difficulty a bit
  • Made killing wolves in the Wolf Cave feel more intuitive
  • Fixed various bugs related to the map item
  • Fixed various bugs related to Curse II
  • Correct soundtrack now plays in the Boulder Cave

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