PAX East and IndieCade East Wrap Up

Hi friends!

Sorry for last week’s radio silence, I was still in recovery mode from PAX. And this past week I showed at IndieCade East! Two very different events, great for two very different reasons. In both, though, I continued to notice slight bugs in the current demo. I’ve tried to fix those, and we’ll see this Wednesday what happens at Playcrafting NYC’s Expo.

At PAX, we had access to thousands of people pouring through the booth. Players seemed to respond well to the concept, but quickly abandoned a thoughtful, slow-burn RPG about depression and grief in favor of the insanity of the convention. I don’t blame them! If I could’ve spent my entire time playing AAA games I probably would’ve too! That being said, the booth was always full, and hopefully people will remember the name Vidar when we actually launch.


At IndieCade East, it was a much smaller crowd, but it was soul-feeding. Perhaps because people were there for more art-style games, but players were very receptive to what Vidar is pushing. So it felt like a less quantity, more quality kind of thing as compared to PAX. Also, it was nice to see that a majority of the bugs had been fixed in the interim week.


Too many bugs to list were fixed, so I’m avoiding a list this time (most of these things were super tiny little nits). However, I also took some time to knock out Gusztav’s dialogue:

Gustzav SS.png

Work is back on the dialogue trees – the mystic sisters are almost finished, and Katarina and Lilja are up next. We’re passed the halfway mark on dialogue! Hot damn!


See you next week!

– Dean


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